The Rules of the City Run


The organizer of the City Run, hereinafter referred to as the Run, is the Bialystok Runs Foundation, entered in the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000392164 located in Bialystok.

  2. Popularisation of running as the simplest form of motion.
  3. Promotion of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Promotion of Bialystok as the runners-friendly city.


  1. The Run shall take place on 15 May 2016 in Bialystok.
  2. The exact start time shall be announced at a later date, 45 days before the event at the latest.
  3. Length of the route: 5 km.
  4. The detailed running route shall be available on the website 30 days before the Run at the latest.

The participants time limit is 45 minutes from starter shot. The participants, who, after 45 minutes from starter shot, did not reach the finish, are obliged to stop running and leave the route.

  2. Only those who are 12 years old no later than on 15 May 2016, ale allowed to participate in the Run.
  3. In order to participate in the Run, the persons are obliged to properly filled the registration form and to make the participation fee. Provision of the properly filled form shall be on-line on the website On-line registration is provided by Datasport Company. Filling the registration form and making the participation fee is tantamount to acceptance hereof.
  4. On-line registration shall be finished on 11 May 2016. After this date, the applications shall be possible only in the Run Office subject to availability.
  5. The Run involves a limit of 700 granted starting numbers, while granting the starting number depends on making the participation fee.
  6. All participants of the Run shall be verified in the Run Office, located in Branicki Palace, Kilińskiego 1 Street, open at the following times:
  • 14 May (Saturday) from 10.00 to 18.00
  • 15 May (Sunday) from 7.00 to 9.00
  1. In the Run Office, the participants shall receive the starting sets containing, inter alia, the starting number along with a built-in and protected with a foam electronic chip to measure time and a technical shirt.
  2. The organizer shall not guarantee provision of a shirt in size declared during the registration.
  3. Showing the ID document with a photo shall be the basis to be provided with the starting set with a number.
  4. Minors are obliged to provide the “Statement of a parent or a legal guardian of the child’s ability to participate in the run,” signed by a parent or a guardian.
  5. Obtaining the set on behalf of a third party shall be possible based on the signed statement of that person and a copy of the identity card of the registered participant. In addition, the declaration of health signed by the Run Participant shall be provided. The form shall be available for download on


  1. Each participant of the Run shall bear the costs of the registration fee, which amounts depending on the term of payment:

35 PLN until 29 February 2016.

45 PLN from 1 March to 11 May 2016.

55 PLN in the Run Office on 14-15 May 2016 (payment by cash only subject to availability of the places).

If the made payment is insufficient (e.g. as a result of delay in payment specified herein), the participant shall be required to make additional payment to cover the difference to the amount that should have been provided in accordance with the deadline, at which he/she made his/her last payment.

  1. The payment can be made to the account of the Bialystok Runs Foundation, account number: 15 1140 2017 0000 4702 1304 3240 mBank. In the title, please provide full name and year of birth of the Run Participant. The payment can also be made via the secure on-line payment, when registering until 11 May 2016. After this date, the on-line payments shall not be possible.
  2. The registration fee shall not be applied to the participants, who took the 1st to 6th places in the general classification of women and men in the Run 5, organized within the 3rd PKO Bialystok Half-Marathon in 2015.
  3. People born in 1951 or earlier shall be provided with a discount of the registration fee in the amount of 50% of the applicable rate.
  4. The proof of the registration fee shall be emergence of the starting number by the participant’s name on the start list that follows up to 5 days of the made payment.
  5. The Organizer shall not responsible for loss of the postal order or the bank transfer to the fault of the post or the bank.
  6. The made fee shall not be refundable and transferable to other events organized by the Organiser. It is possible to transfer the starting number to another participant, who does not have a starting number. The Organizer shall allow such possibility until 30 April 2016. Assignment of the starting fee to another person shall be made by logging into the personal account, or sending information to transfer the number to the address


  1. During the Run, following classifications shall be held:

a/ The general classification of women and the general classification of men.

b/ The age classifications:

K -12 (women), M-12 (men) (born 2004-1997)

K-20, M-20 (born 1996-1987)

  • K-30, M-30 (born 1986-1977)
  • K-40, M-40 (born 1976-1967)
  • K-50, M-50 (born 1966 – 1957)
  • K-60, M-60 (born 1956 – 1947)
  • K-70, M-70 (born in 1946 and older)
  1. All classifications shall be carried out based on the individual net times measured from the moment of crossing the start line to crossing the finish line except the first 50 participants crossing the finish line, who shall be classified based on the gross time measured from the starter shot.
  2. The participant at the finish line without the starting number and an electronic chip to measure time, shall not be classified.
  3. The year of birth shall be the basis to belong to a particular age group.
  5. Every PARTICIPANT, who completes the Run within the deadline, shall obtain a commemorative medal at the finish line.
  6. The winners of the places from 1st to 6th in the general classification of women and men shall obtain the trophies and the cash awards. The cash awards amounts shall be announced at a later time.
  7. The winners of each age category shall be entitled to be exempted from the starting fee for participation in the City Run in 2017, provided they resister their application until 31 March 2017.
  8. The cash awards won during the Run shall be transferred only by transfer to a designated bank account of the participant (the prizes shall not be paid in cash) within 14 days of the Run.
  9. The Organizer shall reserve the right to fund supplementary awards in its chosen categories and classifications, physical or financial, and to establish additional classifications.


  1. During the run all participants shall have their starting numbers attached to the front of the sports shirts. Covering the starting numbers in part or in whole or its modification (cutting, bending, etc.) is not allowed under the penalty of disqualification.
  2. Staying along the run route without a valid starting number is not allowed. Those without a valid starting number shall be removed from the route by the Run service.
  3. For the safety reasons, participation of people on bicycles, skates, roller-skates, skateboards, etc., running with the animals is not allowed. It is not allowed to bring on the run route the items that can be dangerous to other Participants, including using of Nordic Walking poles. The participant shall be obliged to comply with all rules and regulations that apply to participate in the Run, in particular the principles of fair play and hereof.
  4. The participants shortening the Run route shall be disqualified.
  5. The written complaints regarding the results shall be accepted until 17 May 2016 at the email address The complaints shall be dealt with within 48 hours, and the final and official results shall be published on 23 May 2016 at the latest.
  6. The written complaints regarding the decorated places in the general classification shall be submitted to the Chief Judge at least half an hour before the awarding ceremony.
  7. The clothing deposits: the participants can be provided with a bag marked with the starting number, for any belongings deposited in a specially designated place. The bag can be collected from the deposit only based on the starting number. If the participant has lost his/her starting number, the Organizers shall not be responsible for the bag collected by another person. Note: the persons leaving their valuables and documents in the deposit shall take full responsibility, the Organiser shall not be responsible for any left items.
  8. Before and after the Run, the participants shall be able to use the changing rooms.
  9. After the Run, the participants shall be able to use the massages.
  10. The Organizer is insured against liability towards the Run Participants.
  11. The Organizer shall reserve the right to allow the medical and paramedical staff employed on behalf of the Organizer to provide medical first aid or perform other medical procedures, including transport the injured Participant to a safe place.
  12. The decisions of the doctors concerning permission or continuing to run during the event shall be final and irrevocable.
  13. The Participant shall start at his/her own responsibility and bear the associated risks. All Participants acknowledge that participation in the Run shall be associated with exercise and involves natural risks and threat of accidents, injuries and physical injuries (including death).
  14. Provision the Organiser with the properly filled registration form and making the registration fee shall mean that the Participant has considered and assessed the nature, scope and extent of the risks of participating in the Run and voluntarily decided to take that risk, starting in the Run at his/her own risk.
  15. The Participant shall have a current medical examinations allowing to start in the Run or shall personally sign the statement that there are no contraindications to participate in the Run.
  16. The Organizer shall recommend the Participant of the Run to perform the preventive medical examinations that could confirm no contraindications to participate in the Run.
  17. The Organizer shall reserve the right to send the Participants of the Run the information about the Run and other events organized or co-organized by the Organizer, as well as for the internal administrative and analytical needs.
  18. The Organizer shall reserve the right, and the affiliates, to carry out interviews with each Participant, take photos and/or film, use his/her name, image, voice and other materials from or relating to participation in the Run for the purposes of advertising, promotion as well as possibility of using them in the Internet or radio and television broadcasts, and all other commercial needs with the right to modify them. The Organizer shall reserve the right, and the affiliates, to use free of charge any photos, footage, interviews and recordings depicting the Participants, which can be free of charge placed on the chosen electronic media, catalogues and media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites for the advertising and promotional purposes. The Participant declares that Organizer is not and shall not be obligated to pay any fees associated with the activities described in this section, thus granting the unlimited license to use the expressions, information without prior notice for advertising and promotion of the Run.
  19. The Organizer shall reserve the right to make changes herein. Binding and final interpretation hereof shall be made by the Organizer. The Organizer shall inform about any changes hereto on the website of the Run.
  20. The Organizer shall settle the matters not covered hereby.

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