7 December 2015

The Crown of the Polish Half-Marathons in Bialystok

4. PKO Bialystok Half-Marathon has been included in the Crown of the Polish Half-Marathons for the third time. It is an honour to be in one group with such runs as Warsaw Half-Marathon or Poznan Half-Marathon.

The full list includes 10 half-marathons. To get the “Crown”, just complete 5 half-marathons during the calendar year. 2016 involves slight changes. The Crown was joined by Wroclaw Night Half-Marathon, but the following half-marathons shall no longer be included: Gliwice, Koscian and Szamotuły.

The list of half-marathons included in “KPP”

  1. Slezanski Half-Marathon – Sobotka
  2. Warsaw Half-Marathon – Warsaw
  3. Poznan Half-Marathon – Poznan
  4. Bialystok Half-Marathon – Bialystok
  5. Slowak Half-Marathon – Grodzisk Wlkp.
  6. Night Half-Marathon – Wroclaw
  7. Walbrzych Half-Marathon – Walbrzych
  8. Philips Half-Marathon – Pila
  9. Lechit Half-Marathon – Gniezno
  10. King Half-Marathon – Krakow

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