16 December 2015

Registration for the City Run started!

Registration for the CITY RUN, the accompanying run within the 4th PKO Białystok Half-Marathon!

The run will be held at a distance of 5 km. It will start on 15 May 2016.

The distance of 5 km is so flexible that it can be run by people in different age groups, with varying degree of progress. “Five” is ideal to begin in the street run. It is excellent for a race.

Note! We have good news for the beginners: running the first 5 km does not require long-lasting preparation, as for the half-marathon. Even an averagely sporty person is able to run the distance of 5 km in good health. You have a chance to try it already on 15 May 2016. Stand at the start with hundreds of other runners.


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